Selección Barbieri

Selección Barbieri is a series of releases that expresses the creativity, heart, and ongoing pursuit of discovery by Maestro Destilador Jonathan Barbieri. As a painter eventually turned distiller, his inspiring path will continue to produce art in the form of whiskies with varying mashbills and diverse flavor profiles. These will be very small batches and single barrels, coming available whenever the maker and the whiskey agree that the time is right.

Handcrafted off-grid at SolCraft Distillery in Oaxaca, Mexico
Very slowly distilled on small, copper pot alembics
Non chill-filtered

MAESTRO DESTILADOR – Jonathan Barbieri

MASHBILL – Native corn, rye, wheat, & malted barley, percentages vary by batch

MAÍZ NATIVO – Bolita, Chalqueño, Olotillo, Tepecintle

DISTILLERY – Aged at SolCraft, San Agustín Etla, Oaxaca

CRUSH – Austrian stone mill, finely ground

MASH – 960L stainless steel tuns, heated by solar powered thermal jackets

FERMENTATION – 5 days in 500L stainless steel vats with sour mash

DISTILLATION – Copper alembics of 600L & 350L, heated by solar powered thermal jackets


AGE – Varies by batch

BARRELS – New 200L & 100L white American oak, No. 4 charr

ADJUSTMENT METHOD – If adjusted, done so with 100% rainwater

ABV – Varies by batch

Production Process

Jonathan will use varying amounts of maíz (corn), centeno (rye), and trigo (wheat) to make his Selección Barbieri. Malted barley will also always be present for the enzymes necessary to convert starches to sugars. Each of these small batches will be unique!
This Austrian stone mill is often used to make flour for bread making. It is operated by an electric motor that is powered by solar energy. The grains are finely ground before mashing.
This stainless steel tun has a nearly 1000L capacity if filled to the top. A mixture of finely ground corn and malted barely is combined with 100% rainwater before boiling for 40 minutes.
Fermentation occurs in 500L stainless steel and takes 5 days. A percentage of backset is used, and the vats are usually left open on top.
Distillation occurs twice. First in one of two 600L copper alembics, and then in a 350L copper alembic. Distillation is powered by 100% solar power!
Maíz Nation Whiskey is aged at the SolCraft Distillery in the mountains of Oaxaca where they experience warm days and cool nights. The barrels are made with high quality white American oak and are charred to No.4. The amount of time spent in barrel varies by batch.