Parejo was founded by Jorge Caldera, who has devoted 13 years to studying the native spirits of Chihuahua, throughout that time meeting producers and building friendships. For many years, viñatas were considered illegal by the government. Because of this, Jorge found that a shared struggle existed among the maestros. Unfortunately, their craft was considered taboo.

He first found himself with maestros from the desert, in hidden towns seemingly in the middle of nowhere but connected through the joyous simplicity of their lives. Later, he went to the forests and spent time with maestros who held a long and rich history in sotol production. He absorbed their stories and they became a sort of extended family for him. He then encountered maestros from the tropical areas of Chihuahua who continued to craft lechuguilla using traditional methods. All of these experiences added to his understanding, appreciation, and love for the spirits of his homeland.

The goal of Parejo from the outset was to recapture the historical taste of sotol, which has become like an endangered species. Conversations with vinateros revealed a recurring term: “PAREJO.” It became clear that this word was used to describe great sotol, and Jorge wanted to share that perfection. He works directly with the producers, immersing himself in every aspect of sotol and lechuguilla production – from the plant to the perlas.

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