Maíz Nation

This incredible project is brought to us by Jonathan Barbieri and Yira Vallejo, who work with indigenous communities in their traditional cultivation methods, soil conservation, and community seed banks.

“Maíz Nation is a tribute to the native communities of the Central Valleys, Chinantla, the Sierra Mixteca and the Oaxacan Coast who, with care and patience, have conserved and selected their corn throughout countless generations. The rich terroir evoked by this bottle transcends all notions of altitude, climate, soil or biological intersection. As important as each of these factors are, for us the most valuable things are the families, the communities, their history and their culture.”

Produced at the SolCraft Distillery in Etla, Oaxaca, we will soon see multiple expressions all produced with:

100% Solar power • 100% Collected rainwater • 100% Stillage treatment

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