Blanco (2011)

If you are anything like us then you…

Appreciate mature blancos
– The Blanco Tequila for this release of Mi Casa was distilled in 2011, 12 years ago. It was stored in a neutral stainless steel tank, at full strength, for 10 years. Then it was proofed and bottled, adding almost two years in glass.
– More unicorn hear – the next release of Blanco will not be held for 12 years before its release. This is a rare and limited opportunity

Love spirits with power
– After tasting it at multiple strengths, we found it shined the brightest at 45.5% ABV.
– It totally delivers on flavor without any compromise on texture

Love Tequila made with mature agave
– This agave was harvested between 7 – 8 years old
– With an average of 32 brix

Love Tequila made from 3 ingredients
– Agave – Yeast – Water

AGAVE – 100% estate grown A. Tequilana Weber Azul

STATE – Michoacán

VILLAGE – El Cucuno

ELEVATION – 1,858m or 6,095 ft

HARVEST – March 2011 (dry season), 7-8 years old, agv. brix of 32

DISTILLERY – Casa Tequilera de Arandas NOM 1499, Jalisco

ROAST – 17 hours in Autoclave

MILL – Roller mill

FERMENTATION – Natural, with champagne yeast in stainless steel tanks without bagasso

DISTILLATION – Twice, in stainless steel pots with copper condenser coils, April 2011

AGING – Filled in May, 2011 and emptied in August, 2020

BARRELS – 4 to 5 times used Jack Daniels and Evan Williams barrels

AGE – 9 year extra añejo

BLANCO CONDITIONING – 10 years in covered stainless steel tanks at batch proof (54.5% ABV)

PROOFING WATER – Distilled water