Mi Casa

When Ezequiel Rodriguez took over the family estate in Michoacán his dream was to grow agave and make tequila. With his wife, Carmen, and their children, Cristina and Eli, and with help from good friends they began to plant agave in the early 2000’s.

Made with 100% estate-grown agave from Michoacán and distilled to the family’s high standards in Arandas, this was the first Tequila of its kind. The Rodriguez family began importing Mi Casa to the U.S. but after a time the project went dormant. All the while a production run sat patiently, getting ready for the right moment.

With a unicorn inventory and a beautifully updated identity, Mi Casa is relaunching with that last batch made over a decade ago. It was distilled to 54.5% abv, filling 118 well-used Tennessee whiskey barrels. What wasn’t barreled was left to condition in stainless steel.

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