Familia Arrieta
Sotol Leiophyllum

The Desert Teachers

The Arrieta Family, has been making sotol for 5 generations and counting. They had the fortune to learn the distillation process from their father and grandfather.

Sharing their love for sotol with future generations has been their life, they are constantly learning and seeking ways to refine the art of making sotol. Their enthusiasm is intoxicating and admirable. They are a constant inspiration to never to stop learning and to do what you love.

Typically distilled in Chorreras, a small town that is 3,900 feet above sea level, known for its extreme arid climate.


  • FA-LEI-01

    June 2022, 47.5% ABV, rested 15 months in glass

  • FA-LEI-02

    July 2022, 49.04% ABV, rested 17 months in glass, 19 cases

MAESTRO VINATEROS – Arrieta brothers , 5th generation

RAW MATERIAL – 100% wild Dasylirion Leiophyllum (the sotol plant)

VIÑATA – Chorreras, Chihuahua, MX

PLANT SOURCE – Coyame, Chihuahua, MX

SOURCE CLIMATE – Extremely arid, little precipitation, elevation 3,800’

PLANT MATURITY – Madurado en verde 15 years

ROAST – 3 days in an underground conical horno with poplar wood, covered with volcanic stone

CRUSH – By hand with axe

WILD FERMENTATION – 7-10 days with ambient yeast in stainless steel & wood

DISTILLATION – Slow & steady in copper alembic fired by poplar wood

ADJUSTMENT METHOD – With well water until it is parejo

AROMA – Chocolate, dried chilis, clay
TASTE – Charred nuts, pineapple, bitter greens
TEXTURE – Friendly with a slight prickle

Production Process

Wild leiophyllum are harvested near Coyame, Chihuahua.
The cook takes 3 days in an earthen, cone shaped oven with poplar wood. It is covered in volcanic stone while the sotol piñas roast.
The cooked sotol is cut up by hand with an axes.
Fermentation is completely natural and takes 7-10 days in vats made of stainless steel or wood.
Distillation is done twice carefully and slowly, all in an alembic that is made of a copper base and a stainless steel top.