Reserva del Vinatero is a series of expressions that explore spirits in Sonora beyond the denomination of origin of Bacanora.

Lechuguilla is the Sonoran term for any destilado de agave that is not Bacanora. There are primarily three types agave that are used to make Lechuguilla – A. Palmeri in the north, A. Shrevei in the central and A. Bovicornuta in the south.


  • Lot: 1LEC-20

    Distilled summer 2020 for the Texas Mezcal & Tequila Society. ABV 48.1%. 130 liters produced.

  • Lot: 2LEC-20

    Distilled summer 2020. ABV 48.2%. 120 liters produced.

  • Lot: 3LEC-21

    Distilled fall 2021. ABV 46%. 200 liters produced.

VINATERO – Roberto Contreras

MAGUEY (AGAVE) – (A. Shrevei)

VILLAGE – Aconchi, El Río Sonora, Sierra Madre Occidental, Sonora, Mexico

OVEN / FUEL – Cylindrical pit / mesquite

MILL – Mechanical

FERMENT – Wild fermented in stainless steel for 8-10 days (with bagasso)

DISTILLATION – 2x in alembic of copper (with bagasso)

Aroma – cucumber peel, curry leaf, ripe mango
Taste – sandalwood, cucumber, amaretto cookie
Texture – medium full mouth feel, long bright finish, full mouth numbing

Production Process

Lechuguilla is a term that loosely translates to 'little head of lettuce' but often refers to small agave species, as well as the spirit made from those agave. This expression is 100% Agave shrevei.
Roberto Contreras Sr and Jr use a small cylindrical oven lined with bricks to cook both palmilla and agave piñas. They use mesquite wood, and they only collect what has fallen, preserving living trees for the next generation.
Milling is done with both axe and a small mechanical mill.
Fermentation is done with bagasso, and takes 8-12 days in stainless steel. This process is completely natural with ambient, wild yeast.
Distillation is done twice in copper alembics with a sombrero style top similar in shape to the clandestine, steel drum stills used as a result of prohibition.