This rum is made from 100% fresh pressed sugarcane juice, estate grown in the shadow of Volcán de Tequila in Jalisco. With wood fermentation, copper pot distillation, and passionate hands, Pelacañas is intensely fresh, bold, and balanced. It is bound to intrigue.

Llamarada is the name of a beautiful flower that grows at the Hacienda, but it also translates to fire burst or inferno. Despite it’s name, this still strength expression is an impressively delightful sipper.

Llamarada will also bring an intense tropical fruit and sugarcane presence to your cocktails. If big, fresh and forward is what you’re after, Llamarada will deliver!

MAESTRO DESTILADOR – Juan Ramon Barba Anza

FOGONERO – Raul Martínez Vázquez

FIELD FOREMAN – Jesús Noriega Rodriguez

INGREDIENTS – 100% fresh pressed sugar cane juice, brewers yeast, filtered well water

CANE – La Milagrosa, La Morada, La Colmex

LOCATION – Ahualulco Valley with clay loam and volcanic soil

DISTILLERY – Hacienda el Carmen, Jalisco, MX

CRUSH – Brazilian mechanical sugar cane mill

FERMENTATION – 2-3 days in open top pine vats of 6000L

DISTILLATION – 2x, first in a stainless steel alembic and then rectified in a copper pot to approximately 55% ABV

ADJUSTMENT METHOD – Filtered well water

ABV – Varies by batch

AROMA – ripe papaya, maple sap, fresh cane juice
TASTE – earl grey tea, buttered popcorn, rain
TEXTURE – heady aromatics, powerful and round

Production Process

The Ahualulco valley has a history of more than 300 years of sugarcane farming. Several varietals are used, with the most common being La Milagrosa, La Morada, La Colmex. It is all harvested by hand.
This milling device comes from Brazil. It efficiently juices the sugarcane, which is channeled to a formulation tank a few yards away.
Water and yeast is added to the fresh sugarcane juice. The brix level and temperature are both monitored and adjusted as needed by adding more water until it is at an optimal point for fermentation. The mixture is moved to these 6000L pine fermentation tanks, where nature will take over for the next 2-3 days.
Distillation is done first in a stainless steel pot still. Rectifying occurs in a copper alembic to about 55% ABV. Blanco is proofed to 44% ABV using filtered well water. Llamarada is left unadjusted.