Reserva del Vinatero is a series of expressions exploring beyond the denomination of origin of bacanora.

Palmilla is the Sonoran term for the sotol plant and the spirits from it.


  • Lot: 3PAL-21

    Distilled fall 2021. ABV 48%. 200 liters produced.

  • Lot: 4PAL-22

    Distilled spring 2022. ABV 47%. 220 liters produced.

VINATERO – Roberto Contreras

SOTOL – Wild Palmilla, Dasylirion Wheeleri foraged within Rancho Tepua

VILLAGE – Aconchi, El Río Sonora, Sierra Madre Occidental, Sonora, Mexico

OVEN / FUEL – Cylindrical pit / mesquite

MILL – Mechanical

FERMENT – Wild fermented in stainless steel for 8-12 days (with bagasso)

DISTILLATION – 2x in alembic of copper (with bagasso)

Aroma – fruit cake, cucumber jelly, tahini
Taste – sweet pear, spicy escabeche, desert dust, thyme
Texture – medium full, drying and dusty, long and lingering

ABV – Varies by batch

SUGGESTED PAIRINGS – Munster from France, which has a medium body, strong flavor and pleasantly pungent aroma.

Production Process

In this Sonora, the sotol plant is called palmilla. The spirit distilled from those plants carry with them the same name. These wheeleri piñas are harvest from the area surrounding Rancho Tepúa as well as the ranch itself.
Roberto Contreras Sr and Jr use a small cylindrical oven lined with bricks to cook both palmilla and agave piñas. They use mesquite wood, and they only collect what has fallen, preserving living trees for the next generation.
Milling is done with both axe and a small mechanical mill.
Fermentation is done with bagasso, and takes 8-12 days in stainless steel. This process is completely natural with ambient, wild yeast.
Distillation is done twice in copper alembics with a sombrero style top similar in shape to the clandestine, steel drum stills used as a result of prohibition.