Single Barrel 9 Year Extra Añejo

For all you Unicorn Hunters, this is TRUE single-barrel Tequila, and 9 years old at that. The barrels were left untouched for 9 years – NO REBARRELING 👀🤯🤩! Rebarreling is a practice that is common with aged tequila to increase yield because it reduces evaporation by keeping your barrels topped off. The downside, from our perspective, is that it blends the barrels in the batch, thus minimizing the uniqueness from barrel to barrel.

In 2011, 118 barrels were filled. They were allowed to sit undisturbed until the summer of 2020. The distillery was going to expand and the barrels needed to move. We did some of the hardest work you can imagine; tasting each barrel at barrel proof plus four levels of dilution. Now we happily share the results:
– 40 single barrel batches – we looked for the perfect balance, most are bottled between 45% – 55% ABV with a few at their best below 45%.
– Each barrel gave a unique angel share so we decided to average the costs to four tiers that will be released over two years.

AGAVE – 100% estate grown A. Tequilana Weber Azul

STATE – Michoacán

VILLAGE – El Cucuno

ELEVATION – 1,858m or 6,095 ft

HARVEST – March 2011 (dry season), 7-8 years old, agv. brix of 32

DISTILLERY – Casa Tequilera de Arandas NOM 1499, Jalisco

ROAST – 17 hours in Autoclave

MILL – Roller mill

FERMENTATION – Natural, with champagne yeast in stainless steel tanks without bagasso

DISTILLATION – Twice, in stainless steel pots with copper condenser coils, April 2011

AGING – Filled in May, 2011 and emptied in August, 2020

BARRELS – 4 to 5 times used Jack Daniels and Evan Williams barrels

AGE – 9 year extra añejo

PROOFING WATER – Distilled water

BOTTLING PROOF – Between 42% and 55% ABV

The Deeper Dive…

These limited edition offerings go back to 2011 and are the result of 600 tons of agave from the Rodriguez’ family estate in Michoacán. Two paths existed for this beautifully distilled tequila. 18,000 liters were left to rest in a sealed stainless steel tank eventually becoming Mi Casa Blanco. Everything else was allowed to mature in well-used ex-whiskey barrels, completely undisturbed, for 9 years.

118 barrels were stored in two stacks, Estiba A and Estiba B, as seen below. 40 of them were chosen to be Single Barrels and are finding their homes with retailers, bars, restaurants, or distributors across the country. The remaining barrels were blended into Mi Casa 9year Extra Añejo Small Batch.

Because these barrels were completely untouched and did not experience any rebarreling for their entire aging period, they developed and retained a profound individuality uncommon to the world of tequila. Each barrel is truly unique, representing an impressively wide spectrum of flavor profiles and personalities.

Rebarreling is a practice that is common with aged tequila, at all quality levels, done to increase yield because it reduces evaporation by keeping your barrels full. While this is economically beneficial, it reduces the individuality of those barrels. The Mi Casa barrels sat forgotten and untouched for their entire aging period.

Here are some relative conditions affecting the aging within those two stacks:

These conditions greatly affected the angel’s share – the amount of evaporation from the barrel. A couple of barrels were actually completely empty, and all of them increased in proof. The 40 barrels discussed here yielded a range from 28 bottles to 185 bottles. Based on those realities, there are four tiers available that correspond to four different price points.

Tier 1: <50 bottles
Tier 2: 51 to 100 bottles
Tier 3: 101 to 150 bottles
Tier 4: >151 bottles

Cask ID: XA9 / 65A 
This Tier 1 barrel is found in Louisiana, mostly in New Orleans or Lafayette, through International Wine & Spirits. It is a Tier 1, has an ABV of 46.6%, and yielded only 28 bottles.

Cask ID: XA9 / 49A
Our dear friends over at Old Town Tequila chose 49A and will have it available for sale on their website. It is a Tier 1 with an ABV of 51.9%. 38 bottles are available.

Cask ID: XA9 / 60A
Upstate New York has this Tier 1 barrel. 39 bottles and a tasty 52.0% ABV; it can be found in Rochester or Buffalo. PM Spirits can direct you to the correct retailers.

Cask ID: XA9 / 67A
Mike’s Wine & Spirits has multiple locations. Barrel 67A will be in all of their stores, but with just 31 bottles you better find one fast! This Tier 1 barrel lands at 47.9% ABV.

Cask ID: XA9 / 62A
For all of you in the Chicago area, you’re in luck! Moreno’s Casa Tequilera & Liquor has 33 bottles of this Tier 1 barrel, which comes in at a whopping 54.4% ABV.

Cask ID: XA9 / 40A
The good people at PM Spirits have dispersed this barrel throughout the NY metro area. There are 52 bottles out there for your hunting. 46.0% ABV and Tier 2.

Cask ID: XA9 / 53A
El Cerrito Liquor is the lucky owner of barrel 53A. This Tier 2 barrel comes in with an ABV of 46.9% and a bottle count of 52. For all of you in Southern California, make your way over to this incredible bottle shop and catch one for yourself.

Cask ID: XA9 / 47A
Bevy’s Liquor World! What a place! They have a Tier 2 barrel, splitting the 56 bottles between their multiple stores. This barrel was bottled at  47.5% ABV and is sure to impress.

Cask ID: XA9 / 56A
Hey there Massachusetts, Burke Distributing has you covered. Their barrel gave us 56 bottles making it a Tier 2. It comes in nice and big at 53.9% ABV. Cheers!

Cask ID: XA9 / 43B
Big shout out to Classic Beverage Co in Colorado. They have 131 bottles of a Tier 3 barrel to share. It was bottled at 42.4% ABV and is definitely something to share with friends.

Cask ID: XA9 / 46A
Our very own barrel!! We wanted to be a part of all the fun, so we chose a barrel for ourselves. The Lot001 Brands barrel is 60 bottles at 54.3% ABV and we love it. It is for sale right here on our website and for some special events around the country. We’re very excited to share it with all of you.

Cask ID: XA9 / 6A
Tennessee is very close to what most of us consider the epicenter of whiskey in the US, which makes this pick by Ajax Turner a perfect choice. Barrel 6A, at 108 bottles and 52.5% ABV, is perfect for anyone who loves whiskey, loves tequila, and loves something interesting. Find it in Nashville, Memphis, and the surrounding areas.

Cask ID: XA9 / 66A
The team over at the Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch in Arizona are incredible. They were so excited to get this barrel for their restaurants and retail store, and we’re excited that they’re excited. 51 bottles, 52.4% ABV, and very delicious.

Cask ID: XA9 / 51A
To all of the folks in Arizona – I hope you have the chance to grab a bottle of 51A. We tasted a handful of our friends between Tucson and Phoenix and this was the crowd favorite. Pacific Edge Arizona grabbed these 28 bottles (44.6% ABV) and spread them between Trevor’s, Batch, Star Liquor, and other spots. Enjoy it while it’s still here!

Cask ID: XA9 / 8B
At 41.3% ABV, this is the lowest alcohol content of all the single barrels! And we love it! The agave shines through in a pronounced way here and the experience becomes meditative. Oklahoma chose well. Reach out to Artisan Fine Wine and Spirits to track down one of the 135 bottles.

Cask ID: XA9 / 11A
11A is a bigger barrel at 161 bottles and 47.6% ABV. This was purchased for a special private selection, but you might be able to grab a bottle from George’s Liquor… which, by the way, is one of the coolest stores around.

Cask ID: XA9 / 54A
Tier 1, 32 bottles, 53.5% ABV

Cask ID: XA9 / 32A
Tier 2, 51 bottles, 49.9% ABV

Cask ID: XA9 / 50A
Tier 2, 66 bottles, 52.2% ABV

Cask ID: XA9 / 4A
Tier 4, 160 bottles, 46.5% ABV

Cask ID: XA9 / 17A
Tier 4, 168 bottles, 46.4% ABV

Cask ID: XA9 / 12B
This Tier 1 is special, because only 12 bottles at 52.4% ABV were yielded after 9 years of slumber. The Rodriguez family may or may not have kept this one for their own special occasions…

Cask ID: XA9 / 69A
Tier 1, 33 bottles, 50.2% ABV

Cask ID: XA9 / 31A
Tier 1, 34 bottles, 46.5% ABV

Cask ID: XA9 / 25A
Tier 1, 47 bottles, 53.6% ABV

Cask ID: XA9 / 74A
Tier 2, 61 bottles, 54.9% ABV

Cask ID: XA9 / 23A
Tier 2, 71 bottles, 51.8% ABV

Cask ID: XA9 / 36B
Tier 3, 79 bottles, 51.6% ABV

Cask ID: XA9 / 42B
Tier 3, 93 bottles, 48.4% ABV

Cask ID: XA9 / 37B
Tier 3, 97 bottles, 46.4% ABV

Cask ID: XA9 / 34B
Tier 3, 101 bottles, 46.6% ABV

Cask ID: XA9 / 16B1
Tier 3, 116 bottles, 50.5% ABV

Cask ID: XA9 / 3B
Tier 3, 121 bottles, 52.6% ABV

Cask ID: XA9 / 31B
Tier 3, 125 bottles, 51.9% ABV

Cask ID: XA9 / 1B
Tier 3, 150 bottles, 46.5% ABV

Cask ID: XA9 / 21B
Tier 4, 155 bottles, 49.4% ABV

Cask ID: XA9 / 22B
Tier 1, 174 bottles, 53.4% ABV

Cask ID: XA9 / 10A
Tier 1, 177 bottles, 43.7% ABV

Cask ID: XA9 / 15A
Tier 1, 185 bottles, 44.8% ABV

Cask ID: XA9 / 16B2
Tier 1, 101 bottles, 50.7% ABV

Cask ID: XA9 / 5A
Tier 3, 134 bottles, 54.3% ABV